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Giganews has exceeded 700 days of binary retention

July 10th, 2010
Giganews Newsgroups

Giganews is the First Usenet provider to reach 700 days of binary retention.
When it comes to Usenet service, high-quality binary retention and superior completion rates aren’t features a Usenet provider can have at the snap of a finger. This level of service is no sudden decision. It begins as a conscious decision to build the highest quality Usenet experience possible.

At Giganews, we maintain a history of innovating in order to give you the best possible Usenet experience. From Giganews Accelerator to VyprVPN, we continue to offer new Usenet features as we increase retention.
-said Liz Kintzele, Director of Sales and Affiliate Marketing at Giganews.

Check out the Giganews Innovation Timeline below:

• November, 2006 Giganews offers SSL encryption to its members, increasing Usenet browsing security
• April, 2007 Giganews reached 120 days of high-quality binary retention
• May, 2007 Introduction of Giganews Accelerator, a software-based news proxy allowing members to compress headers and enable 256-bit SSL encryption
• September, 2008 240 days of high-quality binary retention
• March, 2009 365 days of high-quality binary retention
• November, 2009 Giganews invites Diamond members to beta of VyprVPN, a personal Virtual Private Network that increases online browsing security
• March, 2010 Giganews adds VyprVPN as an included feature for Diamond memberships
• July, 2010 700 days of high-quality binary retention

People of Giganews:
A strong foundation starts with the people behind the service – at Giganews people are passionate about Usenet and driven to constantly find new ways to improve the entire Usenet experience. From service and technicians to network and infrastructure, people do it all as full-time employees on an in-house network. No part of Giganews Usenet service is contracted or outsourced.

Service quality:
Whether an article is a day old or 700 days old, Giganews created a system with 100% completeness, availability and unlimited speed. Most Usenet providers lack the infrastructure and in-house technical professionals. When they push their system to the limit, it fails and their members experience downtimes, incomplete articles and missing retention. Giganews system is built from the ground up, and run it on our own in-house, multi-redundant network of servers.

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