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The latest version Alt.Binz reader is available for free

March 30th, 2012

Join the testing of a newsreader GrabIt 2.0 in private beta

March 29th, 2012

Install GrabIt and what’s next?

June 25th, 2010

Surfing the Internet encounter just about Usenet and the fact that it constitutes a huge source binaries. It is more prevalent in the west than in our part of Europe, and offers above-average file transfer and access to the latest and most desirable materials such as movies, music, photos. To say nothing of the different themes of these materials.

In any event, immediately want to take advantage of these resources and to meet with the barrier of knowledge. Unfortunately this is not such a quick and easy. Download a free newsreader , which supports binaries. Read more…

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NewsLeecher with the new SuperSearch

June 11th, 2010

NewsLeecherNewsLeecher is a very nice newsgroup reader. It gives really a lot of possibilities. The most important features for me are the constant development of the program, full support for NZB files and encoding yEnc, automatic support for PAR2 and RAR files which means that NewsLeecher automatically extracts data from files archived and assess whether they are damaged and then tries to make repairs. The program has several other very interesting features but one of the most important, which recently drew my attention to SuperSearch is a mechanism that allows you to quickly search all the binary groups by keyword, for example, which is the title of a film in less than one second as the company declares. So we can enjoy the speed that gives the Usenet and in addition we have the whole center of the search integrated into one program.

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The most frequent question

February 6th, 2010

“I have downloaded a newsreader called Grabit. Is this the best free one available for Windows? I have also subscribed to Astraweb and am now looking for newsgroups that carry binary files of movies and tv shows that i can download and view on my computer.
Does anybody know of any good ones?”

“Do you know about nzb files?
If not, read up on them. It’ll answer the answer of how do I find movies and stuff on the newsgroups.” Read more…

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Ways to search for information on Usenet

September 17th, 2009

Usenet the older the better. Why Usenet is experiencing its second youth? Now, Usenet manages to successfully develop and grow in strength when under fire, and there are P2P and Torrents. Why? Usenet has a higher threshold of entry, and requires some knowledge of users, it is not so user friendly. The name itself does not indicate the user-friendliness but suggests that large amounts of data and user activity. Usenet fleeing from censorship and provides security through the SSL protocol, even when our internet provider imposes limits. Read more…

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GrabIt configuration

August 1st, 2009

I will describe very briefly the configuration of one of the most popular free newsreaders for example connection with Giganews european server. Giganews is on the market for a long time and sets new standards, which try to adapt other providers. Giganews has a farm of servers in the U.S., Europe and Hong Kong. The company gives us 14 days Trial with 10GB limit.

1. Select Usenet provider and select the appropriate plan.

2. Download GrabIt.

3. Start the installation by running the downloaded file GrabIt172b4.exe (name depends on version). When you run the configurator window appears that will guide you through the configuration of the newsreader.

Read more…

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