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Supernews retention now at 1,058 and growing daily

July 8th, 2011

Giganews has exceeded 700 days of binary retention

July 10th, 2010
Giganews Newsgroups

Giganews is the First Usenet provider to reach 700 days of binary retention.
When it comes to Usenet service, high-quality binary retention and superior completion rates aren’t features a Usenet provider can have at the snap of a finger. This level of service is no sudden decision. It begins as a conscious decision to build the highest quality Usenet experience possible. Read more…

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Giganews crosses 600 days barrier

March 31st, 2010

GNqualityGiganews  has made a tremendous leap in technology. Leading group of companies offering Usenet already offers access to binary data at the level of 600 days in the past. Giganews yesterday passed through the 600 days barrier as the first . It should be noted that Giganews cares about the integrity of data. More than one of us can annoy if download a large binary files and some of them will be damaged. We must then try to fix it but who has the time? With Giganews, we can be sure that we get the service at the highest level.
We need to remember how big they are now requirements for disk space – let’s look at how many HD movies are now occupied, and other binary data. Data comes from year to year but is also constantly increased retention time. Have a look at historical data looked like Giganews progress in increasing the retention time of binary data in the newsgroups: Read more…

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Giganews Team

March 19th, 2010

supernews Giganews has substantially increased the retention time in their companies.
Power Usenet now offers binary data retention time 400 days. also offers 500 days retention time.
Supernews, which has one fixed rate for their unlimited plan is now offering up to 400 days retention time.
For this it should be noted that Giganews offers 589 days retention time of binary data. So if you have any recording released on the newsgroups one and a half years ago that it is still available if you use the Giganews service. At the time of publication of this entry and Power Usenet websites do not yet have information about the changes. On the Supernews information is already there. Read more…

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Astraweb behind Giganews Usenet

September 22nd, 2009

In the past few days Astraweb increased retention of binary data from 390 days to 400 days and it seems that it will apply the same treatment as the moving Giganews retention. Giganews is the undisputed leader of quality approach to client servicing. Astraweb using a variable economic situation all the time becomes attracted to each other more and more new customers who pay attention primarily on price. In the U.S., this trend is very evident. I hope that Giganews again positively surprised by their existing and new customers.

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Giganews exceeds 400 days binary retention limit

September 12th, 2009

Giganews is the world’s famous Usenet provider and nowadays push retention in to extraordinary levels. The company now provides customers with more than 400 days of binary retention in all 100,000 plus newsgroups. Text retention is 2273 days and increasing.
Here is the press release that Giganews announced yesterday: Read more…

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