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Newsdemon adds free online storage

June 26th, 2010

NewsdemonThere are many companies that sell access to the usenet. Each of them tries to stand out from other companies. Every company wants to win the battle for the customer. An additional motivation is the crisis which exacerbated the struggle. Some lower rates, or create a group within its cheaper deals like he did with Giganews offer Supernews while luring new additions in the premium segment. Other lure customers lengthening of the trial. Read more…

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Usenet providers who accept PayPal

August 19th, 2009

Perhaps not everyone wants to use payment cards for foreign transactions. Not everyone wants to pay that way for Usenet service. Ideal solution is to use PayPal. Account, we may assume in a few minutes and just as quickly make a transfer. Each of us can do it and do not need to go to the bank and submit an application for a payment card. Transaction through PayPal is safe and easy. Usenet providers see that too and allow the realization of payment for services through PayPal. The various forums said that the payment by PayPal induced blockade of access to discussion groups for adults. That is not true though there were such cases in the past because of the difficulty in determining the age of the customer. Read more…

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