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Giganews goes ahead

Giganews just crossed the 650 days of binary retention. It is the undisputed leader among providers of usenet. The truth is that Giganews has exceptionally good, and scalable infrastructure allowing the continuous increase retention while maintaining completeness. Thus, Giganews does not reject some lesser-used newsgroups only cares about the completeness of all newsgroups and they are kept.

Elizabeth Kintzele, Director of Sales at Giganews said:
We are continuously focused on creating and maintaining an exceptional system that allows us to continue adding days of retention.  It takes a lot of work and the right people – we have the space, the staff, and the in-house scalable infrastructure to store and support the data and system in order to allow for growth and adjustments.

Giganews Newsgroups

So whether the data which are looking for have been posted six days ago to the newsgroup or 650 days ago are able to find them and download to your computer complete with the quality and speed of the connection, which is guaranteed Giganews worldwide.
Giganews activities focused on providing the best access to Usenet in the world. I see that it goes slowly towards the great repository of data and a large digital library where you can find the thoughts of users, their files and discussions. Who knows what direction it develops.

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