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Astraweb i Ngroups.NET offer a competitive block accounts

August 20th, 2009

Some Usenet providers in addition to the standard subscription accounts offer accounts, which the principle of redemption is a certain amount of data, which can be used for an indefinite time until the entire pool of data for which we paid will end. They are called block accounts with a specified pool of data for use (Block Quota Account, Account Block, pay-per-gigabyte account).
Not all Usenet providers decide to submit such a bid. Some providers offer block accounts with limited time, while others offer the use of your account automatically renewable, so you must thoroughly familiarize themselves with some of the records bids. Regarding the attractiveness of the user can suggest two offers:

* Astraweb:

Astraweb offers block accounts :

* 180 GB for $25 (new offer!)

* 25 GB for $10.

Astraweb servers offer 370 days of binary retention and up to 50 concurrent connections and SSL encryption package. In addition, Astraweb offers its flagship product that is unlimited account for $11.

* Ngroups.NET

This provider offers many types of block accounts:

* 300 GB for $62

* 200 GB for $44

* 100 GB for $23

* 50 GB for 415

In addition to block accounts for an unlimited use Ngroups.NET presents an interesting offer on your subscription. On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the company offers a really interesting price offers:

1. Unlimited account for $ 19.99 for the first two months and then $ 11.99 per month as long as the subscription lasts or without restrictions.
2. As above only payment is $ 29.99 per quarter which gives less than $ 10 a month for unlimited account with 12 simultaneous connections and SSL encryption.

Provider offers an account of the retention time of binary data at 341 days and up to 24 simultaneous connections. Text data retention up to 3 years.

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