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Polish publisher attack a web service Chomikuj.pl

April 23rd, 2010

I turn to you with a valid request to start actively fighting with sites illegally sharing your content on the Internet. We would like your assistance in the first place, direct our actions against the service Chomikuj.pl.

Thus began his letter to the publishers and distributors Bartlomiej Roszkowski, CEO of Digital NetPress gateway to the largest Polish digital platform for books and newspapers Nexto.pl.
The letter was dictated by the fact that most e-books and audiobooks can be downloaded from the site Chomikuj.pl for free. It should be noted that the service Chomikuj.pl actively working with publishers to respond to their requests to delete certain files. The specified file is located in a single user is automatically deleted at all. That you get a warning.
What does the service Chomikuj.pl? This site is a personal drive on the network, where we can throw our photos, documents and other files. We can also share them with friends. After some time the site began to emerge, however, movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks which resulted in increased interest in service.
Already described the closure of the site where the Odsiebie.com there was no question of liability for service users. Do you and here comes to a similar case? I do not think because large polish portal Interia.pl is the Chomikuj.pl owner. It may be appropriate to consider the change of service formula.

It should be noted that in addition to service Chomikuj.pl services are also mentioned: wiaderko.pl and peb.pl

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