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Astraweb chasing Giganews

July 22nd, 2010

astrawebWe have a holiday season but time moves forward. Usenet is growing constantly. We already have two providers, who offer a retention time greater than 700 days. Astraweb is joined to the Giganews. That’s two most technologically advanced providers and they can only compete with each other. Other companies do not take a fight in the race to increase the retention time. Read more…

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Giganews has exceeded 700 days of binary retention

July 10th, 2010
Giganews Newsgroups

Giganews is the First Usenet provider to reach 700 days of binary retention.
When it comes to Usenet service, high-quality binary retention and superior completion rates aren’t features a Usenet provider can have at the snap of a finger. This level of service is no sudden decision. It begins as a conscious decision to build the highest quality Usenet experience possible. Read more…

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Usenet, Giganews

July 6th, 2010

Usenet is a mysterious creature for younger users. In Poland, became quiet about Usenet when the discussions appeared well on the forums accessed by the web. Meanwhile, in the west Usenet reborn and is successful. It brings together many users. Usenet has evolved from large text data repository to a vast collection of binary data. Few people know that in the Usenet can find the latest movies, music and other materials. That’s all we can download a very high speed. Read more…

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June 27th, 2010

astrawebI wonder passivity Astraweb in marketing. Astraweb received multiple clients from Giganews, because introduced a flat low rate for all. Moreover, this is a company that competes with Giganews when it comes to retention time. Many users have changed their usenet providers in crisis and now pays Astraweb for access to Usenet. Read more…

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Newsdemon adds free online storage

June 26th, 2010

NewsdemonThere are many companies that sell access to the usenet. Each of them tries to stand out from other companies. Every company wants to win the battle for the customer. An additional motivation is the crisis which exacerbated the struggle. Some lower rates, or create a group within its cheaper deals like he did with Giganews offer Supernews while luring new additions in the premium segment. Other lure customers lengthening of the trial. Read more…

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Install GrabIt and what’s next?

June 25th, 2010

Surfing the Internet encounter just about Usenet and the fact that it constitutes a huge source binaries. It is more prevalent in the west than in our part of Europe, and offers above-average file transfer and access to the latest and most desirable materials such as movies, music, photos. To say nothing of the different themes of these materials.

In any event, immediately want to take advantage of these resources and to meet with the barrier of knowledge. Unfortunately this is not such a quick and easy. Download a free newsreader , which supports binaries. Read more…

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Avast preventing you from using Usenet

June 21st, 2010

avastMany of us using Usenet. Sometimes there are strange problems. We install a new newsreader or change the configuration of the computer and we can not connect to the Usenet network. This is often the result of our distraction, and often the result of software manufacturers who wish to think for you. Read more…

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End the sham of a tax credit on the Internet

June 11th, 2010

rticle available only in Polish. Please use Google translator.

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NewsLeecher with the new SuperSearch

June 11th, 2010

NewsLeecherNewsLeecher is a very nice newsgroup reader. It gives really a lot of possibilities. The most important features for me are the constant development of the program, full support for NZB files and encoding yEnc, automatic support for PAR2 and RAR files which means that NewsLeecher automatically extracts data from files archived and assess whether they are damaged and then tries to make repairs. The program has several other very interesting features but one of the most important, which recently drew my attention to SuperSearch is a mechanism that allows you to quickly search all the binary groups by keyword, for example, which is the title of a film in less than one second as the company declares. So we can enjoy the speed that gives the Usenet and in addition we have the whole center of the search integrated into one program.

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Newzbin is back

June 5th, 2010

newzbin2Newzbin operates again. The same domain, the same code with slight changes, the old users can log on to old logins and passwords. A miracle? No. It is a planned share of people under the name Team R Dogs. My favorite answer as service code got in their hands. They freed the code for the site. Code wants to be free. It is a thought.
Now, no longer fighting for freedom, but we are fighting for freedom on the Internet and that is to have equal access to the solutions which others prohibit. Read more…

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Newzbin reactivation

May 29th, 2010

regenerateIn the second half of May old NZB Newzbin service users began to receive messages that the service will be reactivated. Group claim to have the source code, database and domain, which has been traded to a company registered in Seychelles.

In the previous article I described why the service was shut down. Unfortunately, an organization representing the interests of the U.S. film studios won in court and Newzbin had to suspend activities. The company also has no money to pay sizeable damages and court fees. Read more…

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Giganews goes ahead

May 20th, 2010

Giganews just crossed the 650 days of binary retention. It is the undisputed leader among providers of usenet. The truth is that Giganews has exceptionally good, and scalable infrastructure allowing the continuous increase retention while maintaining completeness. Thus, Giganews does not reject some lesser-used newsgroups only cares about the completeness of all newsgroups and they are kept.

Elizabeth Kintzele, Director of Sales at Giganews said:
We are continuously focused on creating and maintaining an exceptional system that allows us to continue adding days of retention.  It takes a lot of work and the right people – we have the space, the staff, and the in-house scalable infrastructure to store and support the data and system in order to allow for growth and adjustments.

Read more…

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Newzbin closed

May 19th, 2010

shutdownMain NZB indexing site was officially closed. Unfortunately, after losing cases with movie studios for copyright infringement came changes. After removing the disputed content search engine continued to exist until now. was closed yesterday, because I can not do their duty. According to information posted on the company is guilty of others, even several hundred thousand pounds, including the penalty of losing a process with the MPAA – the American Association designed to advance the business interests of movie studios rate of up to 230,000 pounds.
Closure of the site may also involve technical problems. Usenet users demanded from Newzbin publicity, however, the code search company did not agree to it. However, rumors circulate about a robbery and copy the code and databases. This is not meaningless because a good few years ago, hackers broke into the site and stole customer base item, and soon formed other NZB search engine with similar-looking code.
Other indexing sites can find in the earlier article on this topic here.

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